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Here are some of my comments on the members board that may inform people about how I trade:

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Technical Analysis
if you do it well, there’s a lot more “fundamentals” than people think. TA shows you collectively what most traders are doing, especially traders with “priviledged” information. Often waiting to read information and establish fundamentals can cause delays. This is why charts lead the news a lot of times. I think it’s best to be versatile and open to both fundamentals and TA.

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No trades here are “recommended”. I’m just opening up part of my trade book for people to see. And, some parts, I keep for myself. I do make publishing decisions based on the risk and market conditions. Also, how many published open positions I have. So, people who “choose” to follow the published trades don’t get overwhelmed.

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for the new people and people who have been here but haven’t noticed
I’m very conscientious of the trades that I publish. My goal is to make members lots of money because that has a better karmic percussion. They said that if you wish and try to do good to others, more good will likely come back to you! :-D

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I was looking at the “Happy Trades” list of your trades. I am wondering if you would call yourself more of a directional trader? I don’t see things that look like the more complex options strategies that Phil and Options Sage talk about. Do you base your trades mostly on technical analysis and what would you estimate the average length of time you hold a trade open?

I don’t really lable myself as any specific type of trader, besides that I do specialize in technical analysis. If you notice on the top of the “Happy Trades!!”, it is specified that this section is to list “some” of the “simpler” trades. There are many different ways to make money with options, of course. And, we are trying to come up with different types of trades so that everyone can find something to participate in and profit from.

I do check my trades with the charts, but, they are not the only reasons for making the trades. I’m not quite sure what the “average length” that the trades are held open, but, I suspect that many of these simpler trades are open for only a few days.

Glad that you asked these questions. It gives me a chance to clarify things that may perhaps be unclear to new readers. Thank you! There are also other new “features” that I’m planning for Wang’s World. So, stay tuned! =)