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myhappytrading_pic.jpgHi, my name is Andy Wang. I was a Director of Photography/Visual Effects Supervisor. I have worked on Star Wars Episode One, Jurassic Park, Shark Tale,…etc., and most recently, Everyone’s Hero. You can find some of my credits on these movie sites.
Internet Movie Database:
Andy Wang on IMDB

Yahoo Movies!
Andy Wang on Yahoo Movies!

HappyTrading, a.k.a. Andy Wang, graduated from University of California, at Berkeley, with a dual degree in Chemical Engineering and Materials Science & Engineering, honors. While at Berekely, Andy did 4.5 years of graduate-level research in superconductivity. Through his research in superconductivity, Andy was introduced to computer graphics to visualize molecular structures. Andy went on to teach himself computer graphics animation in 1 year and had a job lined up at George Lucas’ Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) before he graduated. He was one of the top 7 students from Berkeley’s College of Chemistry to be solicited by MIT to attend its graduate program. Andy chose to have fun, making movies at ILM.

In the past 13 years, Andy had worked at ILM, Sony, DreamWorks, and IDTE Entertainment making movies and animated features. His most recent film was “Everyone’s Hero” for which he was the Cinematographer (Director of Photography). In his spare time, Andy played the stock market.

Much of Andy’s understanding of the stock market comes from experience and intuition. He has developed a charting system using technical analysis to predict the trends and movements of individuals stocks, trading vehicles, and the stock market itself. Andy has been writing on Wang’s Happy Trading since early 2007.


Viet Ly
Graduated from the University of Washington Business School in 2000, with a finance and marketing concentration. Mentored by Dr. Ava Kamara of Columbia University, in financial derivatives. Began trading at a firm at 19 years old. Considered one of the best traders at the Seattle office- NWTF.
Before the Fall of Saigon in the Vietnam War, my father was Captain and Top Gun of the South Vietnamese Airforce.

Active options trader for over 13 years researching US, global equites and biotech catalysts. In 2005 and 2006, I posted 2000% gains each year on biotech and earnings catalysts. Now I am a hedge fund manager for a novel arbitrage hedge fund and R.I.A. firm.

Triplicity Capital Advisors LP, Clarus Capital Partners LLC
Partner/ Director of Business Development
Triplicity Capital Advisors manage specialized arbitrage hedge funds focused on profiting from the inefficiencies of the leveraged ETF’s against its corresponding sectors and indexes. Flagship fund: Triplicity Capital Fund LP. We are first in the world to market with this arbitrage strategy and platform.
At Triplicity, we pride ourselves as financial innovators and novel product creators. New product releases in the future.
Partner in Clarus Capital Partners, managing assets and investments for institutions and high net worth clients.

Looking forward to alot of charity work and helping the world socially, environmentally and economically. What I stand for is basic human rights for all of mankind and protection of all of the Earth’s creatures and plants.

Just something I’m proud of and measures my trading ability marked against the world:
2008 CNBC Portfolio Contest -A snapshot of our CNBC portfolio is under my photos on, it ended at #173 out of 700,000 portfolios, ending up in the TOP .00247 percentile. #25 rank had $2.5 million and we ended up at $2.1 million. We took $1 million and turned it into $2.1 million in 10 weeks. We would have won the contest had it ran for 2 days longer, due to our all-in on the airliners (UAUA and LCC) before airliners exploded on July 22nd Tuesday 2008, which would have put our portfolio at around $3.3+ million and in FIRST PLACE! Soooo close…….

Here is a clip of Eric Bolling on Fox Biz Happy Hour mentioning my name for info I passed along to him about a new TARP ETF. Eric was known to be one of the best oil and natural gas traders in the world on the NYMEX floor and was said to move 5% of total volume on that energy exchange himself:
Thanks Eric!

“Think of yourself as on the threshold of unparalleled success. A whole, clear, glorious life lies before you. Achieve! Achieve!” – Andrew Carnegie

About HappyTrading ™:

Our philosophy on life is that if you are doing something that you love and you are having fun while you do it, then, you will do well in whatever you choose to do. I believe that trading is the same. If you are happy doing it, then, you will do well. This is my personal trading blog and not a stock pick website. So, read it at your own risk. Have fun, good luck, and “happy trading”!

This is not a stock recommendation or picking site. Any, and all, posts and/or comments are for entertainment purposes only. I am not a financial professional and am not qualified to give advice on your money. If you choose to read this blog, you are a guest of this blog site, and you do so at your own risk. I am not liable, in anyway, shape or form, for any losses or damages, monetray or otherwise, if you choose to read this blog. Please invest wisely and always consult your financial advisor first.