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Monthly Archives: July 2014

Social Networking Stocks Go Higher: SPX, Nasdaq, TWTR, YELP, LNKD, NFLX, HUM, UNH, WLP, X, SINA, SOHU, RHT, VMW

Stocks opened higher on Wednesday on solid GDP data.  But, profit-taking drove the market into negative territory.  However, after the Fed reaffirmed its intention to keep the rates low, buyers came back in again! Social networking stocks were strong today, after TWTR delivered strong earnings.  TWTR popped +20% and it looks like it’ll go higher [...]

Weekly Wrap-Up + Market Forecast + Sector Watch: SPX, Nasdaq, FAS, FXI, IGV, FDN, TWTR, AMZN, YELP, ADBE, RHT, VMW, ACH, SOHU, CYOU, SINA, WYNN, BIDU, MA, GS, WFC, JPM, V

There were lots of big movers last week.  In addition to earnings, there were many "news" stocks, such as PBYI, HLF, Z, TRLA,… etc.  Last weekend, in my Market Forecast, I said, "For the new week, it will be a very busy week for earnings…  NFLX is expected to do well.  So is AAPL.  If [...]

Can Nasdaq Push Higher? SPX, Nasdaq, FB, AMZN, BIDU, V, DECK, SBUX, MLNX, GLD, Z, TRLA

SPX made another new all-time high yesterday, breaking above 1991!  FB made a new all-time high as well.  We locked in a nice overnight gain of +160%!  We cashed out on FB August calls and used the profit to buy cheaper weekly calls, which brought our risk down to "0"!  LNKD calls also did well [...]

Buy One Get One Free is Back!

From now until the end of August 2014, you will get a free service of your choice on every new subscription that you purchase!  After you’ve made your new subscription, just forward the digital receipt to, and, indicate which additional service you’d like to have for free.  The additional service of your choice will [...]

AAPL Rises, FB Beats, SPX at New All-Time High, Biotechs Roar! SPX, Nasdaq, AAPL, FB, BIIB, CMG, XLNX, ISRG, CELG, TRIP, BIDU, SINA, VMW

This market just keeps pushing higher and higher!  SPX made a new all-time high again, at 1989.23, just shy of 1990!  AAPL’s blase earnings was good enough for investors buy more, up +2.61%.  Out of the gate, biotech stocks jumped.  PBYI grabbed the spotlight by gaining +295% in one day, from a previous close of [...]

Weekly Wrap-Up + Market Forecast + Sector Watch: SPX, Nasdaq, FAS, GLD, IGV, FDN, V, GS, AAPL, NFLX, TXN, FB, AMZN, CTXS, MSFT, SWKS, TSLA, MA, CRUS

Markets were very volatile last week.  As expected, new heights were made!  However, things took a sharp drop when the Malaysia plane was shot down and Israel launched new attacks in Gaza.  But, on Friday, buyers came back in again and drove things right back up! We had a very nice week, considering how volatile [...]

Markets Pull Back After Malaysia Plane Shot Down: SPX, Nasdaq, IBM, GOOG, SNDK, HUM, WLP, UNH, CF

Stocks opened lower on Thursday, but, buyers quickly came in.  However, in the afternoon, things took a quick turn to the downside, as a Malaysia plane was shot down over Ukraine, and Israel launched a ground offensive!  Both SPX and Nasdaq ended down more than 1%. SNDK fell 13.56% after the company gave weak guidance [...]

Weekly Wrap-Up + Market Forecast (Ready For New Heights?) + Sector Watch: SPX, Nasdaq, GLD, FDN, SMH, IGV, YHOO, EBAY, TZOO, OSTK, GOOG, SAP, CRM, VMW, BRCM, CY, ASML

In my Market Forecast last weekend, I wrote: "Both SPX and Nasdaq pushed higher again.  But, with both indices above their respective Bollinger Bands, it may be difficult for the markets to push higher without a pullback.  For the new week, earnings season will start with AA reporting in the morning.  WFC will report on [...]

Markets Bounce After a 2-Day Slide: SPX, Nasdaq, AA, GOOG, FFIV, CELG, WLP, LNKD

Markets bounced today, after a 2-day slide.  Things were volatile in the morning, but, buyers drove stocks higher after Fed minutes showed plans to ease the U.S. economy out of an era of loose monetary policy.  AA was up +5.66% after reporting a strong quarter.  GOOG added almost $5.  FFIV gained +2.37%.  Healthcare stocks were [...]

Market Forecast + Sector Watch: SPX, Nasdaq, FAS, MOO, GLD, XLE, GS, WFC, BLK, PNC, MA, V, CF, MON, AGU, POT, MOS, NOV, OXY, EOG, SLB

Markets continued to grind higher last week.  Things were pretty flat on Monday.  Tuesday brought a breakout, pushing SPX above 1970.  Wednesday was another flat day.  Thursday’s jobs report were favorable and stocks rallied again!  The Dow managed to close above 17,000 on Friday, while SPX topped 1985. For the week, the Dow was up [...]