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Monthly Archives: October 2013

Markets Consolidate After Reaching New Heights! SPX, Nasdaq, LNKD, YELP, FB, NFLX, PCLN, GOOG, SFLY

Markets have been really strong, making new highs day after day!  Things drifted slightly downward today.  As expected, the Fed did not change its low-rate policy.  Immediately afterwards, we saw some profit-taking, but, comparing to how things were running up, the profit-taking today was still very muted.  Internet stocks, however, did get a pullback. LNKD [...]

Weekly Wrap-Up + Market Forecast + Sector Watch: SPX, Nasdaq, GDX, XME, XLE, BTK, BIIB, VRTX, GILD, CLF, BTU, WLT, CNX, ATI, APC, NOV, HES, PSX, AEM, NEM, GOLD, RGLD

The market glided higher last week, closing at a new all-time high for SPX! In my Market Forecast, last Sunday, I wrote: "For the new week, here are some notable earnings…  SPX should see a psychological resistance at 1750.  We could see some consolidation to start the week.  But, every pullback could be seen as [...]

Weekly Wrap-Up + Market Forecast + Sector Watch: SPX, Nasdaq, GLD, MOO, SOXX, XLF, GS, MA, V, PNC, BLK, STT, POT, MOS, AGU, CF, BRCM, TXN, ALTR

The market closed last week at a new all-time high!  GOOG jumped +13.8% on Friday and helped to boost up tech stocks, sending Nasdaq to almost 4,000!  In my Market Forecast last weekend, I said, "For the new week, I don’t think the market can push higher until there is a budget deal, and this [...]

SP500 at New All-Time High! SPX, Nasdaq, GOOG, SNDK, BTU, CLF, WLT, IBM, PPG, EBAY, GS, CMG, ISRG

After two-weeks of high drama from Congress, buyers finally came in after a budget deal was reached.  Yesterday, stocks jumped and SPX pushed up to closed above 1720.  Today, there was a little hesitation in the morning, but, stocks climbed higher to render a new all-time high for SPX!  Healthcare stocks, however, were weak:  UNH [...]

Market Forecast + Sector Watch: SPX, Nasdaq, GLD, SOXX, XLE, XLF, C, BAC, GS, MS, AXP, COF, APC, PSX, EOG, OXY, NOV, INTC, XLNX, ASML

Last weekend, in my Market Forecast, I wrote" "For the new week, the markets are still being held hostage by our Congress.  We’ll just have to be patient and see if the "elected" lawmakers will come to their senses.  Technically speaking, SPX will need to hold 1680 to stay bullish.  Major sectors all look to [...]

September 2013 Monthly Wrap-Up: WYNN, YELP, FDX, FSLR

These past couple of weeks have been really volatile.  Markets have been either range-bound or whipping back-and-forth following news coming out of Congress regarding the budget negotiation.  In the past, I have tried to trade during times like this, but, have found it too stressful and not worth the energy.  So, this time, I opted [...]

Biotech and Internet Lead the Market Lower! SPX, Nasdaq, REGN, PCYC, ALXN, CELG, INCY, SRPT, NFLX, LNKD, PCLN

Wow!  The uncertainties produced by Congress is really pushing investors into cash!  Since Monday, people have been selling things that they have a lot of profits in.  It looks like some big funds cashed in on biotech and internet sectors.  Biotechs took some huge drops!  REGN went from $308.6 on Friday to $281.56 today at [...]

Markets Rebound Despite Government Shutdown: SPX, Nasdaq, AMZN, NFLX, GOOG, PCLN, YELP, BIDU, SINA, QIHU, GLD, SLV, CREE, VIPS, MLNX, LULU

After almost two weeks of continuous slide, markets bounced despite Congress’s inability to reach a budget deal to avoid government shotdown.  Internet stocks led the bounce.  AMZN jumped +2.66% to a new all-time high, $321!  GOOG added more than $11.  PCLN jumped more than $27, also reaching a new all-time high, at nearly $1040!  YELP [...]