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Big Movers Oct 31, 2012: WRC, PVH, OPNT, RVBD, CVLT, JDAS, NFLX, GM, F, APC, EOG, YNDX

Although the market was relatively quiet today, after having 2 days off due to Sandy, there were some big risers today.  Here they are:

NFLX popped as high as $84.95 today on the news that Icahn took a 10% stake in the company.  We took a quick +44% trade in just 9 minutes:

  • October 31, 2012
  • 12:14 | HappyTrading NFLX ($83.00) Sold to Close 11C75 Nov 75 calls, at $10.00 +44%
  • 12:05 | HappyTrading NFLX ($79.80) Bought to Open 11C75 Nov 75 calls, at $6.95

PVH agreed to buy WRC in a $2.9 billion deal.  WRC soared over +38% and PVH vaulted nearly +20%!  RVBD announced to buy OPNT, sending OPNT shares up +32% while its own shares sank 18.35%.  CVLT jumped more than +16% after a strong quarterly report.  On Monday, a story came out on JDAS, professing that the company is looking at a sale; its shares popped +12% today.  Auto sales in the US are looking up for the month of October.  GM was up +9.54% and F added +8.24%.

Rumors are going around that XOM may be looking for acquisitions:  APC and EOG are being speculated as likely targets.  APC just reported a nice quarter, sending its shares up +3.5% today.  APC has been sliding with the rest of the energy sector and could be on a up-swing right now. EOG has been on a 3-day climb, gaining another $2.4 today.  EOG is looking to test $120 with or without a takeover bid.

Another stock that caught my eyes today was YNDX.  YNDX popped as high as $24.52 at open after reporting a strong quarter.  But, it came all the way back to red before eking out a gain of +1%.  Not much volumes on the options today, but, this pullback may be a gift.  YNDX should test $25 soon.

Good night and HappyTrading! ™

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