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Monthly Archives: March 2012

Another Great Month! March 2012 Monthly Wrap-Up: IOC, LNKD, GOOG, CF, NFLX, YOKU, FAS, CREE

It was "March Madness"!!  The market continued to rally higher to end the best quarter in over a decade!  We had many, many great trades, with most of our trades profittable!  We captured nice trades on both sides, including +152% win on GOOG calls and +142% gain on IOC puts!  Here are the closed trades [...]

Stocks Take A Breather After Reaching New Highs: SPX, Nasdaq, CF, LNKD, PCLN, AAPL, AMZN, BIDU, ISRG

As discussed in my Market Forecast this Sunday, the markets pushed higher.  We also talked about the strength in tech stocks, which continued to help the broader market.  AMZN, in just 6 trading sessions, jumped from $185 to almost hitting $210 intraday today, before sliding down to close at $205.44.  AAPL made, yet, another new [...]

Weekly Wrap-Up + Market Forecast + Sector Watch: SPX, Nasdaq, XLE, IGV, FDN, XLF, MA, V, GS, JPM, GOOG, AMZN, PCLN, CHKP, CRM, VMW, ORCL, CTSH, CTXS, ADBE, APA, HES, SLB, OXY

Last weekend, in my Market Forecast, I wrote: "For the new week, the techs are in a position to lead the market higher.  Financials may need a bit of rest.  However, energy stocks could off set any weakness in financials.  We could see the SPX glide higher.  If the market does push up, techs have [...]

Taking A Breath, Finally! SPX, Nasdaq, GOOG, NFLX, GMCR, X, CLF, WLT, APA, OXY, SLB, CMI, NKE, ACN

On Tuesday, we saw some weakness in the market, as industrials slipped.  But, financials and techs held the market up.  Today, even though the latest jobless claims fell further, the market got weaker.  This time, all major sectors were lower.  We did lock in most of our longside profits on Wednesday, including scoring an intraday [...]

A Market That Refuses To Go Down! SPX, Nasdaq, TIF, ORCL, GS, AAPL, APA, OXY, DVN, JOY, CAT, CMI

The market had a weak start as concerns over China’s growth gave investors and excuse to lock in some profits.  However, the selling really only lasted for about 30 minutes!  Then, dip-buyers came in.  The market spent the rest of the day climbing higher. Energy and industrial stocks were weak:  APA -2.75%, OXY -3.49%, DVN [...]

Market Forecast + Sector Watch: SPX, Nasdaq, FXI, GLD, USO, MOO, BIDU, SINA, YOKU, SOHU, FMCN, ABX, NEM, POT, CF, AGU, MOS

Last weekend, in my Market Forecast, I said, "For the new week, the market stands at an important point.  If the market breaks above and away from 1370, we could see a new leg up.  However, there’s still weakness in mining and energy sectors.  We could see a slow start to begin the week.  Then, [...]

A Week Led By the Financials! GS, FAS, YOKU, CTSH, GOOG, AAPL

The market hung on to its gains in a strong week, led by the financials.  The financials took off on Tuesday as positive news came out of the stress test.  Other sectors joined in, but, commodity sectors stayed flat until Friday.  Energy stocks saw some buying today. We had another $uper week with lots of [...]

Market Rallies On JPM Stress Test Results: SPX, Nasdaq, JPM, GS, GOOG, WHR, CTXH, ASNA, YOKU, C, CRM, CTXS, CTSH, FFIV, EBIX, VMW, CAT, JOY

Wow, JPM really got the markets going!  After the Fed’s announcement on keeping the rates unchanged, which was expected, the market really didn’t do much.  But, at about 3pm (EST), JPM came out with its stress test results, reporting that it passed the test.  Further, JPM announced a raise in its dividend and a whopping [...]

Market Forecast + Sector Watch: SPX, Nasdaq, USO, XLF, XLE, XME, APA, OXY, RIG, QSFT, WLT, CLF, X, FCX, JPM, WFC, MA, GS, ICE

Last weekend, in my Market Forecast, I wrote: "For the new week, it seems that buyers are just not willing to keep buying without seeing some meaningful profit-taking.  I think we are going to see a quick pullback.  The first support is between 1350 and 1360 on the SPX.  Nasdaq could come down to test [...]

$uper Week Again! AMZN, NFLX, SINA, CF

Wow, we’re on a roll!  The market did a quick pullback to start the week, and, we were there to catch fast profits on the downside with puts on CF and NFLX, scoring quick doubles.  Then, as the market turned, we jumped back into the upside with calls on AMZN and SINA, which also rendered [...]