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Monthly Archives: November 2011

Weakness in Financials Halts Market: SPX, Nasdaq, JPM, WFC, BAC, GS, PCLN, NFLX, AMZN, AAPL, BIDU

The market started out quite strongly this morning, but, the strength soon faded.  Financials continued to be weak, as problems in Europe still pressured the sector.  JPM, WFC, BAC, GS were all in the red.  Techs had a strong bounce on Monday and saw some profit-taking:  PCLN was down 2%; AMZN dropped 3%; AAPL shed [...]

Market Forecast + Sector Watch: SPX, Nasdaq, GLD, SOXX, XLF, MOO, POT, AGU, MOS, MON, SLV, GS, MA, V, ICE, CME

Market suffered another down week last week.  But, we used the selling to our advantage and had a great week and took Friday off to have a nice, long Thanksgiving weekend. Last weekend, in my Market Forecast, we discussed: "For the new week, the market starts in a very vulnerable position.  Immediate support for SPX [...]

Happy Thanksgiving + Weekly Wrap-Up: SINA, NFLX, AAPL, GS

Happy Thanksgiving!  Here’s some Thanksgiving goofiness from Adam Sandler: I’m doing an early weekly wrap-up, in case I decide to spend more time with my family and just take Friday off.  We had a really good week, with 100% of the published trades in the GR$$N, including a +132% intraday profit on SINA puts. 08:39 [...]

Market Takes A Pause… SPX, Nasdaq, GS, AAPL, NFLX, BIIB, GMCR, AMZN, IOC

After yesterday’s sharp fall, and some very lucrative, fast trades on the downside, the market takes some time today to breathe.  As we discussed in this week’s Market Forecast, the market dropped in the morning, coming close to testing 1180.  However, in the Trading Room, I was looking for the market to bounce a bit: [...]

Making More Profits On the Downside! AAPL, WYNN, NFLX, SINA, VRUS, FMCN

It was another down day on the market, and we raked in more profits!  In my Market Forecast last night, we discussed SPX 1200 as the immediate support.  Right after the market opened, SPX sank below 1200.  So, we knew the market was going lower.  In the Trading Room, the first thing I said today [...]

Weekly Wrap-Up + Market Forecast + Sector Watch: SPX, Nasdaq, USO, MOO, XLF, GLD, CF, AGU, POT, MOS, GS, V, MA

It was another wild week on the market.  We carefully rode the tides that rose and fall, and made some very good trades, including an intraday +126% gain on GMCR calls and an overnight +103% profit on WYNN puts.  Here are the closed trades for the week: 09:47 | HappyTrading FAS ($58.80) Sold to Close [...]

Profitting From The Downside, Again! SPX, Nasdaq, AAPL, WYNN, FAS, AMZN, GOOG, MOS, SHLD, CF, AGU, POT, FMCN

After yesterday’s late selling, the market dropped again.  Even gold took a beating, down to $1715/ounce.  We had already cashed out all of the longside trades earlier in the week and picked up trades for the downside.  Yesterday, we picked up puts on FAS and WYNN; WYNN puts gave us an overnight +103% gain.  Today, [...]

Market Hangs On… SPX, Nasdaq, IBM, GMCR, AAPL, CLF, FFIV, APKT, DELL, ADSK

After yesterday’s slide, the market manages to bounce a bit.  Most sectors were slightly up, led by the tech stocks.  IBM has been strong the past couple of days after Buffett announcing buying 5% of the company.  IBM shares jumped to a new all-time high on Monday morning, hitting above $190.  However, it was not [...]

Weekly Wrap-Up + Market Forecast + Sector Watch: USO, XLE, XLF, GLD, APA, OXY, EOG, HES, GS, V, BAC, JPM, WFC, MA

Last weekend, in my Market Forecast, I wrote: "For the new week, the world would likely still be watching Europe closely… Technically speak, the market seems to be waiting for a reason to rally a break higher.  The resistance for SPX lies between 1290 and 1300; for Nasdaq, it is between 2750 and 2800.  Financials [...]

GMCR +429% Gain, Another Earnings Play: GMCR, CSCO

The market bounced a bit today, after yesterday’s big drop.  Jobless claims dropped and some progress was made in Europe on the debt crisis.  The Dow was up +112.92 points; SPX added +10.6 points; Nasdaq climbed +3.5 points.  However, the market was still very range-bound and was mostly just treading water. Energy and financials led [...]