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Monthly Archives: March 2011

Market Awaits Unemployment Report: SPX, Nasdaq, CF, AGU, MOS, POT, JOYG, LNN, AMZN, FSLR, TSL

 Subscribe via Email (FREE) The market hovered around, basically closing unchanged for the day.  Investors seemed cautious ahead of the unemployment report tomorrow.  Agriculture stocks, however, displayed some strength.  Yesterday, LNN, an irrigation equipment company, reported a strong quarter, sending its stock jumping almost $10 at the open.  After the market, MOS reported a record [...]

Options Trading: Why Roll Up To Higher Strikes? MCP, REE

 Subscribe via Email (FREE) Last Tuesday, rare earth metal stocks jumped, and they jumped fast.  They were moving so fast that we kept the plays in the Trading Room on that day.  But, in the article on Tuesday night, I said, "[Tuesday's] jump is a breakout from the range-trading in the past 2 months.  We [...]

Market Forecast + Sector Watch: SPX, Nasdaq, SLV, INX2, XLE, MOO, SSRI, SLW, PAAS, APA, EOG, DO, NOV, RIG, SLB, GOOG, PCLN, NFLX, POT, MOS, CF, AGU

 Subscribe via Email (FREE) Last weekend, in my Market Forecast, I wrote: "For the new week, we may get some continued bounces on Monday morning.  But, the market still looks really weak.  Both SPX and Nasdaq are showing newly developed bearish formations.  Techs have been leading the selloff.  We’ll have to see if the AT&T/T-Mobile [...]

Weekly Wrap-Up 3/26/2011: MCP, FCX, LULU, AMZN, BIDU

 Subscribe via Email (FREE) The market showed some real strength this week, and ended higher.  We were cautiously waiting for the market to give clearer signals early in the week.  When it did no Wednesday, we jumped on trades on the long side and ended another nice week with trades mostly on the plus side.  [...]

Bulls Get it Together This Week

You would have needed to have courage (and luck) coming into last week with heavy positions leaning bullish or even just a smattering of them.  Those who had it got rewarded, because when we got to our desks Monday we saw the market gapping up more than 1% – so those who anticipated a market [...]


 Subscribe via Email (FREE) After RHT’s strong earnings report last night, investors seem to be encouraged to jump back into some beaten down tech stocks.  RHT gained more than +18% today!  Cloud-computing stocks were among the favorites of the day.  CRM bounced +5.84% and VMW added +6.11%.  Internet stocks were also leading the market.  This [...]

Rare Earth Metals Roar! SPX, Nasdaq, REE, MCP, AVL, WLT, ANR, MEE, SINA, SOHU, BIDU

 Subscribe via Email (FREE) One of the big stories on the market today was that prices for rare earth metals have gone way up since a year ago!  Comparing to just a year ago, China’s exporting price for rare earth metals has gone up 9 times!  Rare earth metal stocks soared today.  REE jumped a [...]

Market Forecast + Sector Watch: SPX, Nasdaq, XLF, XME, GLD, USO, RIG, DO, SLB, NOV, APA, HES, EOG, IOC, SU, WFC, GS, BAC, JPM, PNC

 Subscribe via Email (FREE) Last weekend, in my Market Forecast, I said: "For the new week, the market was looking like it could continue the bounce for another day or two.  However, the nuclear reactors in Japan added a lot of uncertainties to the dire situation.  This market is still very weak and could easily [...]

Weekly Wrap-Up 3/18/2011: GS, FSLR

 Subscribe via Email (FREE) It was another volatile week, although the momentum was mostly on the downside.  Coal stocks bucked the trend this week and closed mostly higher on anticipation of Japan needing coals for energy, with nuclear plants in trouble.  On Friday, financials helped to prop the market up, as the Fed cleared the [...]

Rock n’ Roll Week Ends on the Upside

If this is the start of some big volatility in markets, then buckle up…it’s going to be wild.  Perhaps this week will be typical of what we should start getting used to, or maybe things will start to settle down.  I’m not sure but this certainly has me concerned.  Many events seem to be hitting [...]