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Monthly Archives: February 2010

Market Forecast + Sector Watch: SPX, Nasdaq, UUP, GLD, XLF, BTK, AIG, AET, UNH, SLXP, NUVA, CELG, AMGN, OSIP, GENZ, PRU

Last weekend, in my Market Forecast, I said, "For the new week, as mentioned last weekend, SPX 1120 will be the nearest resistance.  The market has rallied quite far.  Unless, there are really positive news to help push the market higher, SPX 1130 could be a tough resistance beyond the 1120.  So, if SPX 1130 cannot [...]

Gains From Jobs May Not Be Easy To Come By

from by Bagger Vance Sign up for FREE membership! With the looming jobs report for February we find ourselves at an inflection point. The optimist would point to a swift end to the pain of hundreds of thousands of job losses, just seen a year ago, and an unemployment rate under 10%. The pessimist would [...]

Market Pares Loss With A Mid-Day Bounce: SPX, Nasdaq, ESRX, KSS, DECK, CME, ICE, CF, POT, MOS, AGU

The market opened lower today as the number of jobless claims increased in the latest data.  However, in the afternoon, the market started to reverse its direction.  Fertilizers were among the first ones to be bought.  CF, in particular, bounced on heavy buy volume after opening below $100/share; it ended up $4.60, or +4.56%, to [...]

Market Pulls Back On Weak Consumer Data: SPX, Nasdaq, FSLR, TSL, CSIQ, YGE, BTU, CNX, MEE, ACI

After an unexpected drop in consumer confidence, the market dropped quickely and stayed weak.  Solar stocks were especially weak as FSLR was downgraded.  FSLR shares stumbled 6.46%.  Other solar stocks also fell, including TSL -2.96%, CSIQ -7.06%, YGE -3.59%.  Commodity sectors were mostly down, with coal stocks leading the way:  MEE -6.24%, CNX -5.57%, BTU [...]

Market Forecast + Sector Watch + Weekly Wrap: SPX, Nasdaq, UUP, GLD, USO, BTK

Last weekend, in my Market Forecast, I wrote: "For the new week, if SPX can push above 1080, the market could rally higher to test 1100.  Above 1100, 1120 is the next resistance.  Tech stocks should continue higher if the market environment is strong.  Gold is ready to push higher.  We’ll also be watching to [...]

Stocks Take SP500 Above 1100: SPX, Nasdaq, CLF, PCLN, BIDU, FSLR, WMT, DELL

The market pushed higher in bumpy trading as February options came to 1 day before their expiration.  In my article on Tuesday, I said, "I think we should see some profit-taking tomorrow, especially if SPX goes up to test 1100.  If SPX does hit 1100 tomorrow, we would look to lock in more profits on [...]

Commodity Sectors Rally Higher! SPX, Nasdaq, TRA, POT, MOS, CF, AGU, TSL, GLD, CNX, CLF, BTU, X, RTP

Stocks rallied today, led once again by the commodity sectors.  As I have been saying for a week now, "The dollar is very strong, but, perhaps needs a breather.  Commodity sectors could see buyers rushing in if the dollar pulls back."  The dollar finally got a meaningful pullback today, sending SPX towards 1100. Over the [...]

Market Forecast + Sector Watch + Weekly Wrap: SPX, Nasdaq, GLD, USO, SOXX, MOO

This weekend is a triple holiday weekend!  Happy Valentine’s Day, Happy Chinese New Year, and Happy President’s Day!                   Hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend! Last Sunday, in my Market Forecast, I wrote: "For the new week, the market could stage a bounce and bounce off of SPX 1060.  Whether or not the bounce is [...]

Commodity Sectors Lead The Market Higher: SPX, Nasdaq, POT, CF, AGU, CAT, JOYG, BUCY, FCX, X, CNX, MEE

Last night, China reported a soft CPI number, easing the fear of inflation.  This morning, US jobless claims fell.  In addition, favorable news regarding support for Greece’s debt crisis came out of Europe, although it is still unclear what actions will be taken coming out of the EU meeting.  These were enough to turned a [...]

Market Bounces On Possible Greece Rescue: SPX, Nasdaq, CAT, BUCY, JOYG, AGU, POT, CF, UAUA, DAL, JBLU, LCC, BIDU, NTGR, GS

This morning, the market was encouraged by a possible rescue plan for Greece’s debt crisis.  In addition, CAT received an upgrade from Morgan Stanley.  Commodity sectors jumped and pushed the Dow back above the 10,000 mark.  CAT finished the day up +5.42%.  Both BUCY and JOYG also benefitted, gaining +4.48% and +2.74%, respectively.  AGU reported [...]