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Monthly Archives: July 2009

Markets Test Milestones

It was a run n’ gun start for the markets today…something lacking all week long. We talked in the room yesterday about compression that was building and that energy released on today with a fury. SPX seems like a test of 1000 in days, while the Naz hit 2000 before the close. Given the lack [...]

GNK Earnings Tonight

All shippers are down today. Unfortunately we are in for a slide, it would appear. I keep a personal spread-sheet style shippers index which shows a decline today of 2.8%, which is a big decline for this normally placid group. I unloaded a lot of my shipper positions yesterday, to attempt better timing. With the [...]

The Green Bar of Death

Yesterday I was going to write a short article about the "green bar of death" but didn’t find the time. Where is this green bar? It is on the daily chart of DRYS. Take a look at the chart, and look at the days with the largest green bars. Then look what happened the days [...]

Market Forecast + Sector Watch: SPX, Nasdaq, GLD, XME, XLF, MOO

Last weekend, in my Market Forecast, I wrote: "For the new week, a new leg up may finally start as the market indices penetrate above the recent trading ranges.  SPX 950 is still the key level to break.  The market is toppy and may need to trade sideways to slightly slower on Monday.  After the [...]

Another Impressive Week For The Markets

Markets ended near their highs of the session on Friday, no small feat considering the whack from some major tech stocks.  The action was quite fitting to end the week, which was a dazzler following last week’s thumping of the bears.  What’s interesting to note was the good relative strength, breadth and solid volume…something that [...]

Another Super Week!! Big Profits On BIDU & ISRG!

We had another super week!  The market was so strong that it held its altitude on Friday, even with MSFT missing its earnings estimates.  Here are the closed trades for the week: Pretty much 100% GR$$N again!  We mostly opened the trades on Monday and took our profits throughout the week as the market ramped [...]

Quick Wrap-Up For Thursday: SPX, Nasdaq, ISRG, JOYG, SOHU, EDU, AMZN, MSFT, BIDU, GS, FSLR, SPWRA, TSL, YGE, STP

I have guests visiting starting tonight.  So, I’ll do a quick wrap-up.  The market started out strong and finished stronger.  In the morning, both home sales and unemployment numbers were seen as favorable to the economy.  Stocks charged higher and higher.  Commodity related sectors came back up today.  GS led the financials higher, adding $5, [...]

Euroseas Earnings Preview

Euroseas is a Greek-owned shipping company which operates a 16-ship diversified fleet of container, dry cargo, and dry bulk cargo carriers. The company is small and opaque enough to fly under the radar of the market to a great extent. The company’s former 32 cent dividend has been pared to 10 cents, giving a respectable [...]

Earnings, Earnings, And More Earnings! SPX, Nasdaq, MS, WFC, GS, QCOM, EBAY, VMW, ISRG, EDU, AMZN, DECK, MSFT, BIDU

Financials were weak to start as MS posted a $1.2 billion quarterly loss and WFC, although reporting better-than-expected results, spooked investors with continuing loan problems.  MS ended the day flat and WFC lost 3.55%.  Financials got stronger during the day.  GS closed in the green as it redeemed the outstanding warrants the US government received through [...]

What Happened to ONAV?

Omega Navigation is a small cap Greek owned shipping company which transports crude oil and refined crude oil products. It used to be priced in the mid 20′s per share, but today it is a mere $3.61. Did its ships sink? Captured by pirates? No, but the story is still interesting. You can see from [...]