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Monthly Archives: May 2009

Market Forecast + Sector Watch: SPX, Nasdaq, USO, OIH, SOXX, BTK

Last weekend, in my Market Forecast, I wrote: "Although this rally looks to be struggling, I’m not necessarily convinced that it is done.  We are mostly in cash and will be prepared to trade on either side.  If the market indices break the support at the 30-day MA, we may see the slide accelerate.  SPX [...]

Dead Dog Survey, Part 1

We have seen the recent economic collapse drive stocks down, way down. Especially in the materials and energy sector. If we believe we are in a recovery, then we can expect stocks to move up substantially, and the greatest potential for gain is in the stocks given up for dead previously, but now back in [...]

May 2009: Another Fabulous Month!!

Wow!  What a way to close!  Almost every sector jumped with about 30-minutes left in trading.  Most financial stocks turned green!  What they say about "Going away in May" is a myth.  Very often, it’s really "Buy in May, it’ll be great!!"  You really have to trade what the market gives you.  A lot of shorts [...]

Top 50 Surging Stocks With High Volumes 5/28

From my spreadsheet. Top 50 surging stocks today. (Surge = unusually high volume combined with large price gain) Something happening with each of these. Determine cause before you buy. — OCLS — Oculus Innovative Sciences, Inc. — Up 24.91% — Rel Vol 5583% CRGN — CuraGen Corp. — Up 16.35% — Rel Vol 1615% WAVX [...]

Slumping Bond Prices Sour Rallying Mood: SPX, Nasdaq, TLT, GOOG, AAPL, RIMM, WFC, GS, PNC

The market powered higher in the morning, but, could not hold the altitude.  Bonds sold off again as concerns about the mounting government debt increased.  TLT, the 20-year Treasury Bond ETF, nearly touched $90 today, dropping from above $97 just 3 days ago!  Yesterday’s tech leaders (GOOG, AAPL, and RIMM) were still strong.  GOOG traded above [...]

Still in the Trading Range….For Now

A nasty reversal after yesterday’s strong rally was a shot across the bow for the bulls.  VIX perked up late in the day, something you don’t want to see if this rally is to continue.  This rangebound market, let’s call it 875-925…may test the lower boundaries and possibly break there.  Bonds were ripped on Wednesday [...]

Techs Lead The Market Rally: SPX, Nasdaq, RIMM, AAPL, PALM, GOOG, IBM, DELL, SOHU, CHINA, KONG, STP, YGE

The market opened down today, but, immediately bounced higher, cheering the surging consumer confidence!  Personal computer and smartphone stocks were especially strong, including AAPL +6.76%, RIMM +6.55%, and PALM +10.38%, IBM +3.07%, and DELL +2.67%.  Speaking of smartphone stocks, does GOOG count?  Well, it also jumped today, up $10.86, closing above $400.  This weekend, in [...]

Market Forecast + Sector Watch: SPX, Nasdaq, XLF, USO, GDX, MOO

In last week’s Market Forecast, I said, "For this week, with SPX and Nasdaq back above their key levels (SPX 900 and Nasdaq 1700), things are looking bullish again!  Most sectors participated in today’s rally, which is a good sign.  With VIX heading back into the 20s, this rally looks to have more legs to [...]

Choppy Market Conditions; Still A Good Week!

First of all, happy Memorial Day Weekend! This week was rather choppy.  The market struggled to find a direction, but did managed to close slightly up for the week.  We mostly held on to cash and still made some pretty good trades.  Since the market environment was unstable, it was a "stock-picking" weeking, and, we [...]

A Pairs Trade For the Summer

I enjoy formulating strategies. I realized this while researching today’s article. I find it interesting how, to me, a strategy is first only a hint, more of a suspicion than a certainty, a feeling that the market is vulnerable. For me, fleshing out an idea requires a quiet mind and a bit of time to [...]