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Monthly Archives: May 2008

Weekly Wrap!

Last weekend, in my weekly Market Forecast, I said, “This market is in the “danger zone”. I certainly don’t like seeing SPX pushing on its daily lower BB. The techs look much stronger, with Nasdaq’s MAs still holding their bullish formation. After rallying for 2 months from its March lows, the market finally took a [...]

Premarket Analysis for 5/30- Upgrades/Downgrades, Gappers, Actionable Calls

Submitted By Optiondragon The Don’t Quit Poem (Rocky Balboa Remix) – Inspirational Video Thanks to Aztecs for finding this very good video! From Periodicals Wrap-Up for Friday, May 30th WALL STREET JOURNAL: Merger talks between UAL Corp ‘s (UAUA) United Airlines and US Airways Corp. (LCC) have been put off for now, the Wall [...]

Cashing Out On Oil, Up Goes The Qs! SPX, Nasdaq, MA, V, DELL, MRVL, DNA, GILD, CPHD

The market was solid today; thanks to a favorable GDP report and declining oil prices. Commodities and energy plays, including the solars, were weak. Techs were strong, as QQQQ (the Qs) went back to nearly $50. Financials also showed strength today, helped partially by MA, which reaffirmed revenue guidance. MA jumped $22.11, or up +7.71%, [...]

Premarket Analysis for 5/29- Upgrades/Downgrades, Gappers, Actionable Calls

Submitted By Optiondragon Enigma – Return to innocence From Periodicals Wrap-Up for Thursday, May 29th WALL STREET JOURNAL: H.J. Heinz Co. (HNZ) is today expected to increase its sales and profit projections for the next two years, as it reports results of its fiscal year ended April 30. The Wall Street Journal reported that [...]

Swing Market Ends Higher! SPX, Nasdaq, MOO, CF, MOS, POT, MON, RIG, DO, NOV, CLF, X, ANR, CNX, MEE

The market opened higher today on favorable durable goods data. But, soon dropped into the red. However, after lunch, the commodities-related sectors seemed to gain more and more momentum. I, then, commented on the member board: HappyTrading Posted May 28, 2008 at 9:47 am | Permalink (Edit) market commodities are joining in; we might get [...]

Techs Lead The Market Higher! SPX, Nasdaq, AAPL, GOOG, RIMM, AMZN, BIDU, BMC, ORCL, SYMC

The market was a bit volatile in the morning, but the techs were strong enough to push the market to close with some solid gains. Yesterday, in my Market Forecast, I said, “We are also seeing money being rotated. Techs are now looking better than the overall market.” This morning, on the member site, I [...]

Premarket Analysis for 5/27- Upgrades/Downgrades, Gappers, Actionable Calls

Submitted By optiondragon Fort Minor- Where´d You Go In memory to all we’ve lost, thank you for giving us what we have. From Periodicals Wrap-Up for Tuesday, May 27th WALL STREET JOURNAL: Last December Chemtura Corp. (CEM), a specialty chemicals company with a market cap of about $1.9B, said it might sell itself, and [...]

Market Forecast + Sector Watch: SPX, Nasdaq, XLF, USO, PBW, GLD

Last week, the market could not continue with its new leg up and had a reversal. For the week, the Dow was down 507.17 points; SPX lost 49.42 points; Nasdaq slid 84.18 points. VIX closed above 19, at 19.55; but, its intraday charts are showing “toppiness”. SPX On Friday, SPX lost 1375.93 points to close [...]

Weekly Wrap!

It was a tough week for the market last week. We’ve been watching VIX carefully to see how it handles the support at 16. On Monday, the market started out strong, but, as soon as VIX hit 16, profit-takers came right in; and, we turned on the “caution lights”, as I said, “Being a little [...]

Happy Memorial Day

Hope you’re having fun and enjoying your long weekend. I’ll be back sometime tomorrow to do a quick weekly wrap and my weekly Market Forecast. Happy Memorial Day! HappyTrading! ™