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Monthly Archives: February 2008

Metals, Oil, and Natural Gas: SPX, Nasdaq, SWN, DECK, DVN, UPL, ECA, APA, XME, PCU, FCX, BTU, ACI, CNX

Gold (and other precious metals), oil, and natural gas prices spiked up again! Gold is above $970/ounce and crude is above $102/barrel, while the rest of the market staggered. Yesterday, I mentioned that I didn’t like seeing VIX above $22. Sure enough, the broader market faltered today. The Dow closed down 112.10 points; SPX lost [...]

Have You Had Your Apple Today? SPX, Nasdaq, AAPL, GS, SLV, GOOG, BIDU, CTRP, PCLN, FLS

The market was a little volatile today, as we saw some profit-taking in various sectors. But, buyers seemed to be still coming in. This morning, OptionDragon made a great play on AAPL: optiondragon Posted February 27, 2008 at 9:15 am | Permalink (Edit) buying AAPL here with the MAr 125 AAPL ended the day with [...]

The Power Of Big Blue: SPX, Nasdaq, GOOG, IBM, SNDA, CTRP, OIH, DO

The market started out sluggishly today, as Google Inc. (GOOG) received downgrades on “disappointing” paid clicks data. On the economic front, consumer confidence dropped and the PPI was higher than expected. But, no worries, the market has got “Big Blue” on its side. IBM boosted its 2008 earnings outlook and announced an addtional $15 billion [...]

Very Nice Yoga Routine

I haven’t posted yoga videos for a while. Here’s a very nice yoga routine to do at home: Enjoy! HappyTrading! ™

Day Of The Cows: SPX, Nasdaq, ERTS, TTWO, GYI, MOO, POT, MOS, CF, MON, TNH

It was a day for the bulls, and a day of “the cows”! MOO (agriculture ETF) jumped more than +3%, as many of its components continued to make new all-time highs! Last night, in my Market Forecast, I said of the “MOOs”, “This sector looks ready to break out again! POT, MOS, and CF have [...]

Market Forecast for Week of 2/25: SPX, Nasdaq, GLD, XME, UNG, MOO, INX2

It’s Oscar Night!! Congrats to all the winners! Of course, being a person who has done visual effects and animated films, I paid special attention to those categories. I haven’t gotten a chance to see “The Golden Compass”, the winner of Best Visual Effects, yet; but, I did get to see “Ratatouille”. Hats off to [...]

Weekly Wrap!!

The market survived a week of “seesawing” actions! But, managed to come away once again with a win, although the techs were on the weak side. For the week, the Dow added +32.81 points; SPX gained +3.12 points; and Nasdaq slid 18.45 points, but stayed above 2300 at 2303.35. Last weekend, in my Market Forecast, [...]

It’s A “Seesaw” Market: SPX, Nasdaq, CPS, RIMM, TEX, ABX, RTP

This market just cannot make up its mind. It has been “seesawing” back and forth. For the past 5 trading sessions, it has been closing in the opposite direction as it has opened. When the market opened up, it closed down; when the market opened down, it closed up! Today, the market opened up! By [...]

$1000 Gold? SPX, Nasdaq, RIG, OIS, AEM, ITRI

So, oil is at $100. Now, gold is rallying to a new all-time high, getting close to $950/ounce! It looks like $1000 gold is not going to be too far away! The market started sluggishly, but, picked up momentum in the afternoon and closed near the day’s high! For the Dow, it was more than [...]

Market Fighting With $100 Oil: SPX, Nasdaq, KALU, CROX, NTRI, HPQ

The market started with a bullish tone, gapping up. But, during the last 2 hours of trading, it gave back all of the day’s gains. Oil prices continued to rise, as crude rose above $100 per barrel today! The Dow closed down 10.99 points; SPX gave up 1.21 points; Nasdaq slid 15.60 points. Here’s how [...]