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Monthly Archives: January 2008

Review 1/31/08: SPX, Nasdaq, MA, GOOG, ISRG, MOT

After a gap-down open, the market started climbing higher. Yesterday, worries about bond insurers reversed a market rally on the Fed’s new rate cut. Today, encouraging comments from the #1 US bond insurer, MBIA (MBI), helped to reverse a down open. Even AMZN ended up +4.7%, after being down 12% in yesterday’s late trading! Last [...]

Review 1/30/08: SPX, Nasdaq, AMZN, MA, ISRG, GOOG

So, the Fed slashes the rate by another half-point, to 3%! This weekend, in my Market Forecast, I said, “Of course, the Fed’s rate decision on Wednesday will continue to affect the market’s mood. I think, at the very least, another quarter-point cut is coming. A half-point slash would probably excite the market.” On 1/22/08, [...]

Review 1/29/08: SPX, Nasdaq, YHOO, ZMH, AXE, EXM, QMAR

Quite a steady day today, comparing to the volatility that the market has seen recently. Most investors are probably waiting on the sideline for the Fed’s rate decision tomorrow. The Dow was up +96.41 points; SPX added +8.33 points; and the Nasdaq gained +8.15 points. Here’s how the market closed: HGX (housing) and XLF (financials), [...]

Review 1/28/08: SPX, Nasdaq, CME, NMX, VMW, AXP, WYNN

The market opened lower this morning with disappointing new home sales data. But, the market climbed higher all day to close at the day’s high! This weekend, I said in my weekly Market Forecast, “For the new week, I think Monday is going to be very important. The market needs to close above the 10-day [...]

Market Forecast for Week of 1/28: SPX, Nasdaq, GLD, GDX, OIH, MOO

The earnings season is heating up. Optiondragon took the time to go over several potential movers. I also think that YHOO, earnings on Tuesday (1/29), could be very interesting to watch. In addition, the FOMC meeting on Wednesday (1/30) will likely to be crucial. After an early surge in the morning responding to MSFT’s solid [...]

Weekly Wrap!!

Last weekend, in my Market Forecast, I said, “For the new week, the market could look to start drawing a bottom. If SPX 1320 and Nasdaq 2350 don’t hold, we might be looking at SPX 1250 and Nasdaq 2200 for support, which won’t be pretty, to say the least! The “R” word has made a [...]

Review 1/24/08: SPX, Nasdaq, POT, BRCM, JNPR, MSFT

The market started out with a jump today, following yesterday’s fantastic reversal. Before the market opened, I sent out a list of stocks that I felt good about (Time stamps are in PST, US West Coast Time): HappyTrading Posted January 24, 2008 at 6:22 am | Permalink (Edit) Watching GLD, GDX, AEM, ABX MOO, POT, [...]

Review 1/23/08: SPX, Nasdaq, MBI (MBIA), ABK (Ambac Financial), WYNN (Wynn Resorts), COF (Capital One Financial), QCOM (Qualcomm)

What a wild day! The market was down “HUGE”, with the Nasdaq down almost 90 points at one point (AAPL was down almost $30, trading at $126; and GOOG was down over $65, trading under $520.)! This weekend, in my weekly Market Forecast, I said, “For the new week, the market could look to start [...]

Review 1/22/08: SPX, Nasdaq, PCP (Precision Castparts), SHLD (Sears Holdings), AAPL (Apple), TXN (Texas Instruments)

Being pressured by a sell-off in the global financial markets, the Fed finally slashed interest rates by 75 Bps today. This certainly helped the market to minimize the loss today. The market futures were way down this weekend. Even with the rate cut being announced in pre-market hours, the market gapped down and quickly reached [...]

Market Forecast for Week of 1/21 (Part II): Sector Watch

The global financial markets have been selling off while the US takes a holiday. In an environment such as this, it is perhaps difficult to single out individual sectors. Again, unless there are external forces to change the market sentiment, buyers are unlikely to commit. On the other hand, when the bottom falls out and [...]