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Monthly Archives: December 2007

Happy New Year!!

Wishing everyone a very “happy” and very prosperous 2008! HappyTrading! ™ ps. we’ll look at the market charts tomorrow.

Market Forecast for Week of 12/31 (Part II): Sector Watch

OIH (oil services) OIH is looking very healthy to me as it is climbing its daily upper BB higher, and, it has just started a new bullish formation with 10- above 20- above the 30-day MA. DO has been making new ATHs, jumping from $125 to $150 in 6 trading days! SLB seems to be [...]

Market Forecast for Week of 12/31 (Part I): SPX, Nasdaq

This week has gone by fast with Christmas being a holiday. Year 2007 is also quickly coming to an end. Hope you’ve all had a great weekend! Last weekend, I said, “The market is looking much more healthier!! For the new week, the market is in a good position to go higher. There might be [...]

Weekly Wrap!

Pretty good week of light trading. The market was very volatile today. The Dow and SPX did finish green, but, Nasdaq was down couple of points. We’ll take a closer look at where the market stands this weekend in my weekly forecast. We did cash out a lot of trades and here they are: POT [...]

Review 12/27/07: SPX, Nasdaq, AAPL, MELI, AMZN, CREE

The market started out on the negative side and continued to slide to the close, and finally let off some steam. We cashed out on many positions early today. Again the remaining GOOG and BIDU positions were very profittable: POT Jan 135 calls, PYPAG, at $15, +42.9% (all out) AAPL Jan 200 calls, APVAT, at [...]

Review 12/26/07: SPX, Nasdaq, MELI, DO, OXPS, BIDU

This was a nice way to come back from Christmas! Hope you’ve all had some wonderful time to share with friends and family. Santa definitely delivered some nice gifts! We cashed out some very profittable trades, especially on GOOG and BIDU: GOOG Jan 720 calls, GOQAD, at $15, +100% (more out) BIDU Jan 400 calls, [...]

Market Forecast for Week of 12/24: SPX, Nasdaq

The week turned out to be a pretty good one. For the week, the Dow gained +110.8 points for the week; SPX added +16.51 points; and, Nasdaq jumped +56.25 points. Last weekend, I said, “The market is in a critical condition. For the new week, we’ll be watching to see if the 20-day MA (cyan [...]

Weekly Wrap!

What a week and what a finish! The Dow rallied +205.01 points; SPX added +24.34 points; and the Nasdaq jumped +51.13 points! And, we made some “happy” profits: Here are the closed trades: GOOG Jan 720 calls, GOQAD, at $13, +73.3% (more out) POT Jan 130 calls, PYPAF, at $10, +8.7% (partially out) CMI Jan [...]

Review 12/20/07: SPX, Nasdaq, LEAP, GOOG, POT, AGU, MOS, TRA, CF, TNH, MON, RIMM

Very nice actions today! The market woke up, especially the techs! We have positioned ourselves well since earlier this week, and, were able to profit from the jump today! The Dow was up +38.37 points; SPX gained +7.12 points; and Nasdaq jumped +39.85 points! Let’s see how the market looked at the close: The techs [...]

“Actions” on the Member Board, 12/20/07

The market “woke up” today, especially the techs. We have positioned ourselves well since earlier this week, and, were able to profit from the jump today! Our “happy members” shorted LDK and MBI; went long on GOOG, BIDU, AAPL, RIMM, POT, MOS, AGU, LEAP, among many other plays! Congrats, everyone! Here are some of the [...]