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Monthly Archives: November 2007

Weekly Wrap!

It’s been a very nice week, a happy week! We made lots of GR$$NS WFR Jan 70 calls, WFRAN, at $13, +39.8% (more out) WFR Jan 70 calls, WFRAN, at $11, +18.2% (more out) SPWR Dec 115 calls, QSULC, at $18, +16.1% FCX Dec 95 calls, FCXLS, at $6.5 (+5.7% attributed to FCXAY, see 10/31) [...]

Celebrating Our 1st Million!!

Today, we have a very special, happy, occasion: WE REACHED OUR 1ST MILLION HITS!! This calls for a celebration! Happy 1st Million, Wang’s Happy Trading! In light of this event, and the fact that our “Happy Trades!!” portfolio is still up more than +200%, even after the recent market correction, I’m announcing, again (see yesterday’s [...]

Review 11/29/07: SPX, Nasdaq, SHLD, DELL, JCG, OVTI

After the HUGE jump yesterday, the market held together pretty well and finished slightly green. The Dow was up +22.28 points; SPX added just +0.7 points; and Nasdaq gained +5.22 points. For me, it was a day to relax and watch, allowing the market to vent a little. The market was very strong, letting off [...]

Review 11/28/07: SPX, Nasdaq, SIGM, TIVO, ATW, XME

Now, that, was what I call a “happy” day!! Our happy members are doing quite well this week (maybe that’s an “understatement”? LOL!!). On Monday, we had a “happy” day, even though the market wasn’t in a good mood. On Tuesday, the market was “happy” and so were we. Today, well, today was an extraordinarily [...]

Wednesday Actions on the Member Site

These are some of the quotes from the members’ board. Please click here to see tonight’s review. We took profits early in the morning. Then, we gradually added new positions and took profits all day! HappyTrading Posted November 28, 2007 at 6:32 am | Permalink (Edit) BIDU took some profits! HappyTrading Posted November 28, 2007 [...]

5-Figure ($$,$$$) Gain in One Day!!

What a wonderful, happy, joyful day!! I woke up today thinking that I want to make a 5-figure profit today, before I even looked at the market. I meditated on it (I meditate every morning before I start the day). And, the market was just superb, giving me the opportunities to do what can be [...]

Review 11/27/07: SPX, Nasdaq, C, WFR, ATVI, GOOG

It was another volatile day! We started off high, then the market went down, as the consumer confidence data came out. But, the market showed some strength today and rallied back up. Although it took another dip after lunch, it eventually jumped back up to close at the day’s high. The Dow was up +215 [...]

Review 11/26/07: SPX, Nasdaq, GRMN, C, XLF, CREE, GLYT

The market was not so hot today, but, we managed to have a “happily” profittable day! The Dow lost 237.44 points; SPX fell 33.48 points; Nasdaq stumbled 55.61 points! So, why does this make me “happy“? Because we weren’t greedy and locked in very good profits early today and are now sitting on over 80% [...]

Market Forecast for Week of 11/26 (Part II): Sector Watch

XLF (financials) Last weekend, in my Sector Watch, I mentioned that XLF is not looking too healthy. XLF closed the week below $30, although it did make a good bounce on Friday. A continued rally above $30 would get it above its 10-day MA. We’ll have to watch this sector closely. GS and MA are [...]

Market Forecast for Week of 11/26 (Part I): SPX, Nasdaq

This week went by quickly as we celebrated Thanksgiving in the U.S. Last weekend, I said, “For the new week, I think the market is in a position to make some more gains early in the week. As mentioned earlier, it’ll be good to see the market at least start testing the 10- and 20-day [...]