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Monthly Archives: October 2007

Review 10/31/07: SPX, Nasdaq, MA, GRMN, CROX, GOOG

The day started out well. People were a bit jittery on the market before the Fed announced its decision on the rates. They were so jittery that some people ran right after another quarter-point percentage cut in the federal funds rate was announced, driving the market into the red. But, big buyers immediately came in [...]

Membership Fees Are Going Up on Nov 19!!

As previously indicated in this post, Membership Fees Are Going Up!!, Wang’s Happy Trading membership fees are going up! Now, I have more specific information. The membership fees will go up on Nov 19, 2007. Here are what the new fees will be: Monthly Membership: $129 Quarterly Membership: $279 ($93/month) Yearly Membership: $999 ($83.25/month) comparing [...]

Review 10/30/07: SPX, Nasdaq, DRYS, EXM, DSX, SIRF, CMG, IVGN

Another “muted” day! The techs were once again much stronger than the broader market, with GOOG leading the way! The talks about GOOG‘s possible mobile services are getting louder and louder, sending its shares to a new all-time high of $699.91! AAPL also charged up to a new all-time high of $189.37! The Dow closed [...]

Review 10/29/07: SPX, Nasdaq, CF, POT, SOHU, SINA, NTES, SNDA

Nice way to start the week! This weekend, in my Market Forecast, I said, “For the new week, I’m looking for the market to make some continuation of Friday’s rally, although we might still see volatility, especially early on Monday. We have another Fed meeting on Wednesday, so the gains early in the week may [...]

Site Is UP!

Site maintenance should be done. There might be some, hopefully, unperceivable, background noises. But, all posts are back up! Thanks for your patience. HappyTrading! ™

Market Forecast for Week of 10/29 (Part II): Sector Watch

FXI (Chinese ADRs) I’ve been saying on the member site to look for the Hong Kong Index (HSI, Hang Seng) to top 30,000 for a while now: HappyTrading Posted October 12, 2007 at 12:58 pm | Permalink (Edit) looking for Chinese ADRs for a jump on Monday. Still looking for HSI to top 30,000. FXI [...]

Site Maintenance

We are doing some maintenance this weekend. So, there may be some posts/comments missing temporarily. We’re working on getting everything back to normal as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience. HappyTrading! ™

Market Forecast for Week of 10/29 (Part I): SPX, Nasdaq

Last weekend, in my Market Forecast, I said, “For the new week, we still have lots and lots of earnings to go through. It’s likely to be volatile, especially early in the week, as the market sorts things out. Since the weekly charts are much stronger than the daily charts, we’ll hold cash and see [...]

Weekly Wrap!

Very nice way to close the week! The Dow closed up +134.78 points. SPX up +20.88 points and closed above 1530!! Very good sign! Nasdaq jumped +53.33 points to close above 2800! Here are the closed trades for the week: POT Nov 115 calls, PYPKC, at $8, +48.1% (all out) WFR Jan 65 calls, WFRAM, [...]

Review 10/25/07: SPX, Nasdaq, MOT, ESLR, MSFT, WFR

We had another volatile day on the market, and, many wild individual moves. CME, for instance, traded as high as $693, a new all-time high, or up $43 from yesterday’s close. It closed at $672.15, up $22.15. The Dow was down almost 130 points at its low, but, came back to close only down 3.33! [...]