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Monthly Archives: September 2007

Market Forecast for Week of 10/1 (Part II): Sector Watch

XLF (financials) XLF looks to be in a good position to make another move up. After jumping to $35.5 last week, people took profits and drove it back down to test $34. It bounced off $34 and is now above the 20- and 30-day MA, which are curving up. Jumping up from here to catch [...]

Sunday Morning Yoga

Good morning! Happy Sunday! I haven’t posted yoga videos for a while. I think this is a good one to do on the weekend. Maybe after your Sunday morning workout? Just to relax and stretch. I especially like the “chest/shoulder expansion” exercise! Enjoy! HappyTrading! ™

Market Forecast for Week of 10/1 (Part I): SPX, Nasdaq

Wow, time goes by fast! A new month and a new quarter! Last weekend, I said, “For the new week, I’m looking for the market to test the July highs, which for SPX is around 1550 and for Nasdaq is about 2720. Once the market gets back up to these levels, it might stutter around [...]

Weekly Wrap!

We had another wonderful week! Some of our new members are learning quickly and trading well in the world of stock options! bluetick Posted September 28, 2007 at 1:27 pm | Permalink (Edit) Hi ! First month here. Being quite experienced in trades turning pear shape , i traded just once a week when ready [...]

Review 9/27/07: SPX, Nasdaq, WYNN, LVS, ACN, DISH

The market continued to move up today, but, not by a whole lot. The Dow added +34.79 points; SPX gained almost +6, while Nasdaq finished up with +10.56 points. During the past couple of days, we continued to lock in profits: 9/27/07 sell to close PCP Oct 140 calls, PCPJH, at $11.2, +10.9% (partially out) [...]

Review 9/26/07: SPX, Nasdaq, QQQQ, NYX, NMX, NDAQ, ICE, CME

The market rallied today. The Dow gained almost +100 points! SPX added +8.21 points, and Nasdaq jumped another +15.58! This rally was actually well-distributed, in that some of the usual leaders just sort of “sat and watched”. For example, GOOG closed down 0.84 points, BIDU lost almost 12, AMZN was flat, AAPL slid 0.41, and [...]

Review 9/25/07: SPX, Nasdaq, AAPL, FMCN, VCLK, NVT

The overall market was flat today, but, the techs were strong! Nasdaq closed up +15.5 points; the Dow managed a small gain of +19.59 points, while SPX lost just 0.52. We continued to cash in on some profits today. We hit a jackpot with FMCN, which gave us an +150% gain in one day! These [...]

Review 9/24/07: SPX, Nasdaq, BIDU, ICE, TSO, EXPE, OXPS

The market was a bit on the weak side today. The techs seemed strong in the morning, but, soon succumbed to the pressure from profit-taking. The broader market was even weaker. The Dow lost 61.13 points; SPX gave up 8.02 points; and Nasdaq slide just 3.27 points. Since the market is venting, we continued to [...]

Happy 100 Portfolio

Phil and I are doing a new portfolio together. We are calling it Happy 100! This portfolio starts with $100,000. Happy 100 is to be a longer-term portfolio, in which we don’t trade everyday; and, we don’t necessarily need to watch it everyday, either. The main criteria are: 1) further out options, 2 to 3 [...]

Market Forecast for Week of 9/24 (Part II): Sector Watch

XLF (financials) XLF is looking more and more interesting. Its daily MAs are now in a bullish formation with 10- above 20- above 30-day MA. The MACD has moved into the positive territory. I still like GS and MA. MA has been lagging, but, perhaps more of a reason to watch it, ’cause more potential [...]