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Monthly Archives: August 2007

Weekly Wrap!

We had anther great week! Here are the closed trades: NVDA Sept 47.5 calls, UVAIW, at $3.7, +30% (partially out) NVDA Sept 47.5 calls, UVAIW, at $3.9, +36% (all out) RIMM Sept 80 calls, RFYIP, at $7, +75% (more out) PTR Sept 145 calls, PTRII, at $6, +17.6% (partially out) FLR Sept 125 calls, FLRIE, [...]

Review 8/30/07: SPX, Nasdaq, DELL, OTEX, OVTI

It was another volatile day on the market. A lot of attention is on the tech stocks, as Nasdaq went up as much as +24.7 points, but, ended up only +2.14. SPX closed down 6.12 points. The Dow lost 50.56 points. Not a whole lot of commitment from these numbers, as investors were jittery before [...]

Review 8/29/07: SPX, Nasdaq, SIGM, NOVL, MO

IT’S A BEAUTIFUL DAY!! (please come to the blog site to see the video from U2) The Dow ended up +247.44 points; SPX gained +31.4 points; and the Nasdaq got back every point it lost yesterday, and more, adding +62.52 points!! The “color code” is the complete reverse from yesterday. Everything is GR$$N, except for [...]

Review 8/28/07: SPX, Nasdaq, STX, NCTY, LEND, BA

It was an ugly day on the market. House prices fell and consumer confidence was lower. The market started down and continued to bleed until the close. SPX dropped 34.43 points; Nasdaq lost more than 60; and the Dow gave up more than 280 points!! VIX jumped 15.76%! We did pretty well, though, considering the [...]

Review 8/27/07: SPX, Nasdaq, ONXX, PTR, SNDA, WFMI, OATS

The market was volatile today. It found plenty of resistance at the 30-day MA (see my post this weekend). But, one group shined through: the Chinese stocks! I mentioned some of these stocks in my sector watch this weekend, and, did a specialy post on it this morning. We had some pretty good luck right [...]

Chinese ADRs On Fire, Once Again!!

Most of the Chinese ADRs have come down with the U.S. market since mid July. But, last week, in one week, many of them took it all back. FXI is at a new all-time high, jumping more than +23.9 points, or more than +29%, since the last Thursday’s low!! FXI FXI set a new all-time [...]

Market Forecast for Week of 8/27 (Part II): Sectors to Watch

Well, besides watching XLF for the overall market conditions, what else are interesting? Chinese Stocks (FXI) FXI has completely recovered from the correction and is at a new all-time high!! Many of the popular Chinese ADRs are doing the same, and seem to be ready to go even higher. ACH, CHU, CHL, and LFC, for [...]

Market Forecast for Week of 8/27 (Part I): SPX, Nasdaq, Dow

The market dashed for the finish line this week. The Dow finished up nearly +143 points; SPX gained +16.87 points; and Nasdaq garnered almost +35 points. Here are how the 3 major indices did for the week: Dow +300 points, +2.29% SPX +33.43, +2.31% Nasdaq +71.66 points, +2.87% Here’s a snapshot of Friday’s close: Most [...]

Weekly Wrap!

I’m going to start a new post series, called “Weekly Wrap!” Every weekend, I will try to find time to write a quick post on the trades (Happy Trades!!) made during the week. This way, I can do a quick review on how my published trades go each week, make discussions on anything special, and [...]

What A Great Way To Finish the Week!!

Like what I was looking for yesterday, Nasdaq and SPX finished the week at their 30-day MAs!! We finished the week with 100% GR$$N on closed trades!! VMW Sept 70 calls, VMWIN, at $6.8, +7.9% EMC Sept 19 calls, EMCIT, at $1.3, +30% (partially out) PCP Sept 135 calls, PCPIG, at $6.5, +25% (all out) [...]