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Monthly Archives: June 2007

Market Forecast for Week of 7/2 (Part I): Sectors to Watch

This past week, we saw a lot of volatility, but the markets pretty much finished flat. The major indices (DOW, SPX, Nasdaq) did manage to gain a few points each. But, there were some pretty hot groups that made new highs. I. Solar Plays I wrote a post on this group on 6/27 and made [...]

Chinese Internet Stocks!

As you probably already know, lately, Chinese stocks have been very popular, again! And, I wrote a little something about them just last week! And, here I am, back at them again; this time, though, specifically about the Chinese Internet Stocks! You might remember some of these from 4-5 years back: SINA, SOHU, SNDA, and [...]

Review 6/28/07: SPX, Nasdaq, SOX, BTK, XME, RIMM

Feds played nice and left the rates unchanged. The markets were a bit volatile after the FOMC results, but, mostly closed flat. We saw solid buying ahead of the Feds’ anouncement, and some profit-taking immediately after, then, more buying followed, which faded into the close. In my opinion, the fading is mainly because we’ve gone [...]

Attention “Blackberry” Addicts!!

Yeah, you know what I’m talking about, and whom I’m talking about… Ok, that’s nice and looks delicious! But, I’m talking about this! Thank you for all your little, non-stop, fingers, punching feverishly and tirelessly at those little tiny keys! Thank you for the hundreds of millions of text messages and emails that you sent [...]

Playing “Solar”

Solar plays (solar-related stocks) are “scorching hot” right now! Check out FSLR, SPWR, JASO, STP, to name a few. Even WFR and AMAT, which are in the semiconductor sector but with a “solar flavor”, are very popular! Late yesterday, I wrote on the members’ board: Posted June 26, 2007 at 3:24 pm | Permalink STP [...]

Review 6/27/07: SPX, Nasdaq, SOX, BTK

Markets jumped today, especially the techs!! BTK bounced back above 780 and SOX closed above 505! These two sectors (biotechs and semiconductors) certainly helped Nasdaq with its 31+ point gain today!! SPX wasn’t too shabby either, closing above 1500. OIH also came back and added 3+ points. NKE was “featured” on Wang’s World last night [...]

Air Force Nike!!

NKE had some good things to say after the market, sending its shares up more than 5%! This will probably inspire a new leg up. So, keep an eye on the possible takeoff!

Review 6/26/07: SPX, Nasdaq, GLD, XME, USO, OIH, INX2

The markets slid a little more today. But, the commodities took a substantial hit. The volatility was extremely high with VIX closing just below 19, which has been the upper boundary for over 3 years!! GLD closed below 64, down 1.26%. And, XME also broke down, losing 2.39%! USO (United States Oil Fund) lost 1.62% [...]

Review 6/25/07: SPX, Nasdaq

Once again, the subprime woes dragged down the markets. The day started on a positive note, as GOOG led the charge and made a new all-time high of 534.99 (see GOOG chart from this weekend’s post). Just when SPX and Nasdaq were breaking into more bullish levels (SPX 1500, Nasdaq 2600), things got turned around [...]

Market Forecast for Week of 6/25 (Part II): SPX, Nasdaq, BTK, XME, GOOG

This coming week could be a very crucial week for the markets. It is the end of the month, and end of the quarter. And, earning season is just around the corner. Plus, we have the FOMC meeting results on the 28th. Let’s look at some weekly charts: SPX SPX has been range-bound for 4 [...]