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Monthly Archives: May 2007

Review 5/31/07: Nasdaq, SPX, DOW, SOX, BTK, GLD, BIIB, CEPH

It was a volatile day today. The DOW did make a new high today, but, couldn’t hold on to the gains. On the other hand, SP500 managed to close above 1530 and Nasdaq closed above 2600! The Nasdaq was particularly strong and kept most of its gains. As I indicated in this week’s forecast, I’m [...]

Review 5/30/07: DOW, SPX, Nasdaq, SOX, BTK, OIH, GLD

The DOW has been quiet for a few days…and then…BAM!! POW!! BOOM!! Another new high, closing above 13600, baby!! This, and the fact that AAPL just surpassed $100 billion in market cap, calls for a celebration!! Hope you all made good money today!! SP500 closed above 1530 and Nasdaq is attacking 2600 again! SOX was [...]

Happy $100 Billion, AAPL!!

Apple, Inc. (AAPL) reached over $100 billion in market cap with today’s 3.87% gain! Since April 25, 2007, when it was trading around 95, AAPL has risen 25%, which led to today’s close of nearly 120 (trading above 119 in AH)! Remember back in April, April 1st, to be exact, we were pondering whether AAPL [...]

Review 5/29/07: Nasdaq, SPX, SOX, BTK, DOW, GLD, OIH

Today was a nice continuation from Friday’s bounce. Nasdaq almost gain back everything from Thursday’s 40 point drop. The Dow and SP500 both managed to stay positive. Both SOX and BTK are consolidating up! GLD managed to close above 65, while OIH finished in the red, which is not necessarily a bad thing. Nasdaq Nasdaq [...]

Market Forecast for Week of 5/29: SPX, Nasdaq, GLD

This has been an interesting week. Besides Thursday’s sell-off, the rest of the week was pretty bullish. But, that one day was enough to give most of the markets a red week. The weekly charts this week, thus, can be deceiving. But, they do render good reasons to be cautious. Nasdaq Nasdaq made an attempt [...]

Review 5/24/2007: DOW, SPX, Nasdaq, SOX, BTK, OIH

Well, all I can say is that good thing we went “cash” (see yesterday’s post)! I started going cash as early as last Friday, and, closed many of my open positions on Monday and Tuesday, and only opened one new position yesterday (see Happy Trades!!. **Not all trades are listed.). I didn’t make a trade [...]

Review 5/23/07: SPX, Nasdaq, SOX, GLD, BTK, OIH

That, was not a good way to end the day! The markets started out very well, with SP500 hitting 1530 and the Nasdaq hitting 2600! But, the markets turned lower and closed in the red! SOX, in particular, is raising some warning flags. BTK closed flat. But, the commodities came back today. Both GLD and [...]

Review 5/22/07: DOW, SPX, Nasdaq, SOX, BTK, OIH, GLD, OMC

The overall market was flat today, as energy related stocks take the time to vent. The DOW and SPX both ended just a little in the red. But, the Nasdaq seem to have caught some buying attention, even though BTK and SOX are still consolidating. OIH finally let off some steam. And, GLD is looking [...]

A Member Made “17 Times” On His Investment!

Many of our members did well recently with the casino/resort sector, which was mentioned last week in my watchlist. One of our members, Gary, in particular, did exceptionally well, as he comments, “Thanks for putting MGM on your watch list. It made me 17 times my investment!” Congrats, Gary! Great play!

Review 5/21/07: DOW, SPX, Nasdaq, SOX, BTK, OIH, GLD, AMZN, BIDU, SINA, SOHU, NCTY, MGM

Not a bad way to start a week, eh? Even though the DOW didn’t make a new high today, it hung in there pretty well, closing -0.1%. Nasdaq is ready to take the next leg up and added more than 20 points! Like I was saying in my post this weekend, SOX and BTK are [...]