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Monthly Archives: April 2007

4/30/07 Review: SP 500, DOW, Nasdaq, SOX, OIH, GLD

The markets finally decided to let off some steam today. Both SP 500 and Nasdaq got driven back to their 10-day MA. The DOW and SOX also took a hit. OIH gave back 2.19% to close at 156.55. And, GLD slid .7%. SPX In one shot, the SPX got pulled back to its 10-day MA. [...]

QLGC Looking For A Run?

QLGC, a storage network company, with competitors such as Brocade (BRDE) and Emulex (ELX), is showing signs of life after spending sometime in “detention” since the beginning of 2007! It is reporting on 5/3, this Thursday, after the market. Its daily chart tells an interesting story: We can see here that QLGC has gotten above [...]

CTSH Making A Move?!

CTSH is reporting next Wednesday, 5/2, before the market opens. It made a good gain of 1.63% on Friday. It has now caught its upper BB and opened more to go up! This reminds me of the move made by BIDU last Tuesday, also 2 days before the earnings! So, let’s keep an eye on [...]

Dude, Where’s BIDU Going?

BIDU was the big news on Friday, last week! It jumped as high as 132.8, but, closed well-below that, at 124.57! Hopefully, you saw my “emergency post“, 2 days before their earnings, and managed to catch some part of the action, in the right direction, of course. So, where is it going next? In January, [...]

4/28/07 Weekend Review: DOW, SPX, Nasdaq, SOX, OIH, BTK, GLD

Happy weekend! It was another great week for the markets! We’ll be looking at mainly weekly charts today. Normally, we’d be looking also at monthly charts at the end of the month. But, since we have 1 more trading day for the month, I’ll have to do a special monthly review on Monday. The DOW [...]

Happy Trades!! and Happy Favorites

I’m starting 2 new sections on my blog: Happy Trades!! Happy Favorites see tabs on top! Happy Trades!! I will selectively publish some of my trades here, as soon as they are filled! Happy Favorites I will publish some of my favorite stocks here. I will also attempt to provide charts on these and the [...]

Introducing Trading Goddess!!

I have already mentioned on the members board that the popular Trading Goddess is going to become a occasional contributor on Wang’s World. Many of you are probably already her “faithful” readers! She has a great sense of humor and provides a lot of great information on many, many stocks. Her blog site is not [...]

4/26/07 Review: DOW, SP 500, Nasdaq, SOX, OIH, GLD, GOOG, BIDU, FFIV

Well, the DOW made another new high! SP 500 did quite make 1500. But, the techs, both SOX and Nasdaq, continued to push upwards. The oils are still hot, but, the metals are feeling some pressure. Nasdaq An interesting thing about Nasdaq is that it is now above the converging triangle that it had been [...]

4/25/07 Review: Nasdaq, SOX, SP 500, DOW, OIH, GOOG, AAPL, MU

Well, after couple days of rest, the markets came back jumping!! DOW closed above 13000! Yippee!! SP 500 is eyeing 1500! Nasdaq finally jumped above the 2525 resistance. Even SOX managed to make gains after such a stellar performance yesterday! OIH broke out, again! And, what do we have after the markets were closed? More [...]

High Five FFIV!!

It’s time for some high fives for FFIV!! Investors have shunned FFIV for 2 months! Now, they can’t wait to own a piece of it, driving the stock up 16% in AH! It’s going to be a mad house like today’s AMZN!!