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Monthly Archives: March 2007

3/31/07 Review (cont.): GLD, OIH

***This is a continuation from the previous post. You might want to start here. We can’t get balanced picture of the markets without looking at some commodities. So, let’s take a look at gold and the oil companies. GLD (an ETF that tracks gold):It’s not very clear from GLD’s monthly chart to tell where it [...]

3/31/07 Review: Nasdaq, SOXX, SPX, MDY

Next week is a new beginning, the beginning of a new week, new month, and a new quarter. We’ve had a crazy month! With all the back-and-forth (which favors some traders), if you came out with a gain, you should give yourself a pat on the back! Since we’re about to start a new month, [...]

3/29/07 Review: Nasdaq, FMCN, PTR, NDE

Hey, we actually closed green!! Tomorrow’s Friday and last trading day of the month. Let’s see how we hold up tomorrow. That was a pretty good test of the support levels. Certainly nice to see INTC bounce back and close green. If we hold on, or add to the gains, tomorrow, we might have some [...]

3/28/07 Review: Nasdaq, CN

Boy, this is a tough market! Certainly, I like days that we rally; ’cause this is “happy” trading! Then, I’m more excited to look at stocks because they are much more pleasant to look at. But, you’d have to look at the chart signals, “technically”, and not emotionally. So, let’s see what we have: Nasdaq [...]

3/27/07 Review: Nasdaq, GOOG

I’ll do a quick review today since the “essence” of the overall market condition can be easily demonstrated. Right from the opening today, the bears grabbed the market, from more bad news in the housing sector to so-so consumer sentiment. But, the bulls hung on with poise. GOOG even, almost, managed to close green! Let’s [...]

3/27/07 Morning Action

This morning’s action is mainly a reaction to more bad news in the housing sector. Consumer sentiment didn’t help. But, strangely enough, the daily charts of the major indices actually have the MAs turned up. I wonder if the bulls are waiting to pounce again in the afternoon. We’ll have to wait and see.

3/26/07 Some More Stocks That I’m Looking At: FCX, ATI, RTI, SHLD, CTSH, LVS, MGM, WYNN

FCX rallied big today and caught the upper BB; it also broke out above the resistance at around 62. It had great buying volume, again. If the 20-day MA curves up tomorrow and stays above the 30-day MA without crossing it, it would be a very bullish sign; and, the momentum might pick up even [...]

3/26/07 Review: Nasdaq, SPX, SOX, GOOG, AAPL, RIMM

It was a nice day for the markets. We survived the new housing data and the bulls rallied Nasdaq all the way to finish green! This showed that there’s a lot of money standing on the sideline, ready to come in. The Nasdaq closed right at resistance. It needs to catch the upper BB and [...]

New Home Sales Affecting Markets: GOOG, AAPL, SOX

New home sales data is holding the markets captive, at least for now. SOX really needs to come back up to inspire the markets. GOOG and AAPL are holding up well. Now that the intraday charts show a lot more room above, let’s see if the bulls can get something going in the late afternoon. [...]

Do They Know Something? IMCL, BSTE, OC

A lot of times, when I hear that a stock suddenly jumps 10-20%, and, I’d take a look at the news and the daily chart. Almost always, I’d see that there’s already being big buyings a few days before. Take a look at IMCL. On Friday, there was news from AMGN, saying that the testing [...]