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Shares of Kite Pharma, Inc. (KITE) popped nearly +16% today, after
the company announced acquisition of a privately held Netherlands-based biotechnology company, T-Cell Factory B.V.  This may not have been the only reason.  Juno Therapeutics (JUNO) said today that it expects to have 10 product candidates in clinical development directed at six different cancer-associated antigens.  Other stocks in the same space, such as BLCM and BLUE also soared.  BLCM was up more than +6% and BLUE gained almost +5%.

We picked up some KITE April calls this morning and already locked in some nice intraday profits:

Earlier this week we also locked nice profits on JAZZ and MYL.  JAZZ calls garnered +59.78% profit, and MYL gave us a +120.62% gain:

My Happy Trading portfolio is a nice product for the biotech stocks.  This portfolio is geared towards “leisure” traders/investors.  In this product, I trade mainly options that are at least one month out in due dates.  Since it’s difficult to know when these biotech stocks will move, although they seem to be moving quite a bit recently, and the options are not cheap, it is good to give ourselves sometime for the trades to work out.

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Good night and
HappyTrading! ™

Weekly Wrap-Up + Market Forecast + Sector Watch: SPX, Nasdaq, FAS, BTK, XLE, SOXX, GS, BAC, WFC, JPM, STI, PNC, MA, V, C, EOG, APA, APC, HES, OXY, NOV, RIG, DO, BIIB, CELG, AMGN, REGN

Last weekend, in my Market Forecast, I said,

For the new week, I think we will see more volatility. For SPX, 2070 is a support, below which the next support lies at 2050. Nasdaq has support first around 4900, then at around 4850. This could be a struggle. There will be profit-takers locking in big profits. On the other hand, there are likely still money on the sideline trying get in.”

Indeed, it was a very volatile week. The market was up on Monday. Then, it took a steep drop on Tuesday, with SPX ending below 2050. Wednesday, things slid a little more, with SPX touching 2040. But, Thursday saw a huge bounce, bringing SPX all the way back to 2065! Friday morning was weak, with SPX reeling back to below 2050. But, buyers came in in the afternoon and drop SPX back above 2050 for the close.

We had a mixed week. Here are the closed trades:

For the week, the Dow was down 107.47 points; SPX fell 17.86 points; Nasdaq dropped 55.61 points. Oil (WTI) took a big drop on Friday, closing under $45/barrel. Gold also dropped, closing below $1160/ounce. At the time of this writing, Asian markets were up, with China leading the pack, gaining +1.8%! Here’s where the US markets closed on Friday:


On Friday, SPX fell 12.55 points to close at 2053.4, above 2050. Its daily MAs and MACD moved lower.


Nasdaq dropped 21.53 points to close at 4871.76. It closed just above its 30-day MA. The MACD fell.

SPX closed below its daily MAs, but, Nasdaq still managed to close just above its 30-day MA. For the new week…

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Financial Stocks Up After Market: ACT, INTC, MYL, ICPT, GEVA, KITE, AXP, C, GS, MS

After market today, banks traded higher.  Fed has approved plans by various banks to raise dividends and buy back shares.

After the market, C jumped +2.62%; MS popped nearly +3%.  GS and AXP also traded up.  AXP announced a $6.6 billion share buyback plan.

After Tuesday’s steep selloff, stocks struggled to find footing, ending the day slightly in the red.  But, financials bounced and even energy stocks were up slightly.

Major market indices slid.  SPX closed barely above 2040, but, Russel 2000 closed in the green.  

Biotech (BTK) was still strong.  ICPT was up over +6%.  ACT gained +1.8%.  MYL jumped +6.68%.  I still like GEVA and KITE.  Semiconductors (SOXX) also did well, with INTC gaining +2%.

The market is very volatile right now.  So, we will be much more cautious.  I am not looking to make a lot of trades this week, as the intraday volatility is high.  As discussed in the Market Forecast, we will be watching SPX 2050, which should be tested again tomorrow.

Good night and HappyTrading! ™

Another Week of Profits! FEYE, TSLA, FB, Z, PCLN

Both the Dow and SPX closed at new record highs this week!  We had a really nice week with lots of nice trades that gave us solid profits.  Besides a few trades, most of the trades this week were profitable, propelling my ”
Ecstatic Plays” portfolio also to a new record high!  FEYE, TSLA, FB, and Z calls worked out very well!

FEYE Mar 20 2015 Call 42.0 $4.45 $750.00 20.27% 02/20/2015
TSLA Feb 27 2015 Call 212.5 $6.55 $512.50 18.55% 02/20/2015
GMCR Feb 27 2015 Call 119.0 $3.65 $835.00 29.66% 02/20/2015
FEYE Mar 20 2015 Call 42.0 $4.15 $450.00 12.16% 02/20/2015
TSLA Feb 27 2015 Call 210.0 $6.60 $1,775.00 36.79% 02/20/2015
FB Mar 20 2015 Call 77.5 $3.225 $765.00 31.10% 02/19/2015
FB Mar 20 2015 Call 77.5 $3.05 $590.00 23.98% 02/19/2015
EBAY Mar 20 2015 Call 55.0 $2.655 $650.00 13.95% 02/19/2015
TSLA Feb 27 2015 Call 207.5 $6.35 $712.50 28.93% 02/19/2015
TSLA Feb 27 2015 Call 207.5 $6.175 $625.00 25.38% 02/19/2015
FB Mar 20 2015 Call 75.0 $3.80 $565.00 17.47% 02/19/2015
EBAY Mar 20 2015 Call 55.0 $2.70 $370.00 15.88% 02/19/2015
FB Mar 20 2015 Call 75.0 $3.85 $307.50 19.01% 02/19/2015
SCTY Feb 20 2015 Call 58.0 $0.035 $-1,305.00 -98.68% 02/19/2015
FB Mar 20 2015 Call 75.0 $3.725 $735.00 15.15% 02/19/2015
CELG Feb 27 2015 Call 118.0 $2.59 $205.00 8.60% 02/19/2015
FB Mar 20 2015 Call 75.0 $3.70 $930.00 14.37% 02/19/2015
Z Mar 20 2015 Call 125.0 $11.85 $1,350.00 29.51% 02/18/2015
Z Feb 27 2015 Call 115.0 $7.95 $1,025.00 34.75% 02/18/2015
Z Feb 27 2015 Call 115.0 $7.20 $650.00 22.03% 02/18/2015
VXX Mar 20 2015 Call 30.0 $2.795 $-80.00 -2.78% 02/18/2015
GOOG Feb 27 2015 Call 545.0 $6.45 $-400.00 -3.01% 02/17/2015
GPRO Mar 20 2015 Call 46.0 $5.10 $1,450.00 39.73% 02/17/2015
FEYE Mar 20 2015 Call 41.0 $4.10 $1,175.00 40.17% 02/17/2015
FEYE Mar 20 2015 Call 41.0 $3.55 $625.00 21.37% 02/17/2015
PCLN Feb 20 2015 Call 1150.0 $15.80 $1,425.00 42.99% 02/17/2015
Z Feb 20 2015 Call 105.0 $9.85 $1,850.00 60.16% 02/17/2015
WYNN Feb 20 2015 Call 155.0 $2.85 $-2,550.00 -47.22% 02/17/2015

Three trades expired worthless.  Two of which were downside protections (GLD and VXX calls).  QIHU was an earnings play.

GLD Feb 20 2015 Call 121.0 $0 $-2,180.00 02/21/2015
QIHU Feb 20 2015 Call 62.5 $0 $-6,825.00 02/21/2015
VXX Feb 20 2015 Call 33.0 $0 $-2,190.00 02/21/2015

In my
Market Forecast last weekend, I said, 
I’m looking to get more aggressive starting this week. I think a lot more of the money on the sideline will come in now.”

This is exactly what we did, and it paid off!  I have been holding mostly cash pretty much since end of November last year.  But, it is now the time to be aggressive!  Although the Dow and SPX are at new all-time highs, I think there is much more room to go higher!

I am now offering a 25% discount to the first month for both of my services “Ecstatic Plays” and “Happy Trades” on any new subscriptions.  After the first month, the auto-renewals will be at the regular prices.  Or, you may select the yearly subscriptions and get an additional 25% off on the built-in discount!  Just apply the coupon code “HAPPY2015″ at check out to any new subscriptions.  I find it odd that trading services often offer discounts on holidays.  It makes sense for department stores to give discounts on holidays as people shop for gifts.  I offer discount on my services because I think the time is easier to be trading in the market and make money.  Take advantage of this offer and catch this market breakout!

I’ll be back tomorrow with my Market Forecast for the new week.

Good night and HappyTrading! ™

A Little Rest After Another New Record? Z, PCLN, FEYE, GPRO, CYBR, SSYS, DDD, JACK, FOSL

SPX closed at another new record high today, above 2100!  We also continued to lock in nice gains.  We locked in some nice profits today, including calls on PCLN, Z, and FEYE.

GPRO Mar 20 2015 Call 46.0 $5.10 $1,450.00 39.73% 02/17/2015
FEYE Mar 20 2015 Call 41.0 $4.10 $1,175.00 40.17% 02/17/2015
FEYE Mar 20 2015 Call 41.0 $3.55 $625.00 21.37% 02/17/2015
PCLN Feb 20 2015 Call 1150.0 $15.80 $1,425.00 42.99% 02/17/2015
Z Feb 20 2015 Call 105.0 $9.85 $1,850.00 60.16% 02/17/2015

We caught also caught a nice day trade on GPRO for an intraday gain of +40%!  GPRO should test $54 soon.  Z and PCLN were nice plays as well as we locked in profits in the morning, both stocks pulled back.

We picked up some VXX calls just before the market closed today, as things may need to rest a bit.

CYBR jumped another +12% today.  FEYE also kept going higher.  I think FEYE has a lot more room to go higher.  SSYS and DDD were on the weak side, each losing more than 5% today.  I did some intraday trades on SSYS puts.  After the market, JACK jumped more than $3 as it reported strong earnings.  On the other hand, FOSL tumbled more than 13%, as it missed its earnings estimates.

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Good night and HappyTrading! ™


After struggling for two months in a tight trading range, markets broke out last week. Just about every sector locked in gains. Even metals and mining stocks went higher!

For the week, the Dow was up +195.06 points; SPX added +41.52 points; Nasdaq gained +149.44 points. Gold was basically flat, trading just below $1230/ounce. Oil got a huge bounce, closing at $53/barrel. At the time of this writing, Asian markets were mostly up, even though Greece failed to secure an extension on its bailout package. Here’s where the US markets closed on Friday:


On Friday, SPX added +8.51 points to close at 2096.99. Its daily MAs and MACD moved up.


Nasdaq gained +36.22 points to close at 4893.84. Its daily MAs and MACD also went up.

Both indices vaulted higher last week. Even though Greece and the Euro Zone still have not reached an agreement on the bailout package, markets in Asia do not seem to be adversely affected too much. For the new week…

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Markets Sail Higher + $10 14-Day Trial + Weekly Wrap-Up!

Happy President’s Day!

Markets vaulted higher last week with SPX hitting a new all-time high and Nasdaq only about 2% away from the 5000 mark!  Strong earnings and stabilization of oil prices gave investors more confidence to stay in the market.

Tech stocks were very strong, led by the internet stocks.  Financials also jumped, erasing most of the losses from last month!  We also had another winning week with portfolio value rising!  Our calls on GOOG, OXY, GS, YELP, and NTES all made nice profits.  Here are the closed trades for the week:

AMGN Feb 20 2015 Put 150.0 $1.21 $-525.00 -30.26% 02/13/2015
CSCO Feb 20 2015 Call 29.0 $0.39 $-525.00 -21.21% 02/13/2015
FDX Feb 20 2015 Call 175.0 $2.385 $-75.00 -1.04% 02/13/2015
GOOG Feb 20 2015 Call 540.0 $8.90 $875.00 24.48% 02/13/2015
WHR Feb 20 2015 Call 210.0 $4.425 $350.00 8.59% 02/13/2015
GOOG Feb 20 2015 Call 540.0 $8.65 $1,500.00 20.98% 02/13/2015
OXY Feb 20 2015 Call 80.0 $3.50 $1,430.00 69.08% 02/13/2015
MET Feb 20 2015 Call 50.0 $0.75 $-255.00 -25.37% 02/12/2015
GOOG Feb 20 2015 Call 540.0 $7.75 $900.00 8.39% 02/12/2015
LNKD Feb 20 2015 Put 270.0 $4.775 $-825.00 -25.68% 02/12/2015
LNKD Feb 20 2015 Put 270.0 $6.20 $-112.50 -3.50% 02/11/2015
YELP Feb 20 2015 Call 45.0 $1.975 $487.50 19.70% 02/11/2015
GS Feb 20 2015 Call 182.5 $4.225 $775.00 22.46% 02/11/2015
GOOG Feb 20 2015 Call 535.0 $7.30 $775.00 11.88% 02/11/2015
YELP Feb 20 2015 Call 45.0 $1.825 $262.50 10.61% 02/11/2015
GOOG Feb 20 2015 Call 535.0 $8.40 $1,875.00 28.74% 02/11/2015
NTES Feb 20 2015 Call 110.0 $5.25 $325.00 14.13% 02/10/2015
CSIQ Feb 20 2015 Call 25.0 $2.80 $425.00 11.26% 02/10/2015
GILD Feb 20 2015 Put 100.0 $3.325 $175.00 5.56% 02/10/2015
WYNN Feb 20 2015 Put 145.0 $2.715 $-2,285.00 -45.70% 02/09/2015

The market just broke out higher last week.  We have been holding most cash, around 90%.  I’m ready to let more cash into bigger plays starting next week.  Here’s a chart provided by Marketfy on how my ”
Ecstatic Plays” portfolio is doing against the SPX:

It just happens that Marketfy is having a special trial offer.  For just $10, you can try out my services for 14 days!  Please take this advantage and what my services can do for you. 

Good night and HappyTrading! ™

Big Movers Wednesday! NFLX, WYNN, CMG, RL, GILD, DIS, DATA, GMCR

This market has been really volatile, and, we have been finding winners on both sides!  Today, my Ecstatic Plays portfolio reached a new all-time high, up +136% in the past 365 days:

If this was a chart for a stock, today would be a “breakout BUY” signal!  To find out more, please visit my product page by CLICKING HERE!

There certainly have been big movers on both sides.

NFLX has been pushing higher after its recent earnings.  Today it came down $8, and we caught a quick play on the puts.

WYNN reported earnings last night and missed its estimates.  Its stock dropped $9.69 today.  CMG reported solid earnings, but, still weren’t enough to keep investors in its stock, which fell 7% to $676.  CMG traded as low as $667 today.  I don’t think you can buy this dip right now.  I’d wait for it to test $650.  RL also took a beating, down a whopping 18%, as the company cut its outlook.  GILD was another big loser today, down more than 8%, as the company placed a discount on its hepatitis C drug.  We hung on to our puts on GILD and sold them this morning.  Disney (DIS) reported a blowout quarter, as its blockbuster film “Frozen” helped its consumer products unit earn a $626 million profit, up 46 percent from a year earlier.  DIS stock soared over +7% today!

After the market, DATA popped more than +14%, as the company delivered a strong quarter and forecast.  GMCR tumbled more than $9 after reporting a disappointing quarter and outlook.

The market hugged the flat line for most of the day today.  But, in the last 30 minutes, it took a sharp dive, as ECB said that it would no longer take Greek government debt as collateral for loans.  SPX ended down 8.52 points at 2041.51.  On the other hand, biotechs have been falling for 3 days.  If biotechs continue to fall, it could spell more trouble for the broader market (please see my article on “Watching Biotechs“).

Good night and HappyTrading! ™

Amazon (AMZN) Finally Delivers!

For a year now, AMZN has been disappointing investors, not being able to produce a solid quarter.  Since reach above $400 in January 2014, AMZN stock has dropped down to below $285, and struggled to establish a base between about $285 and $300.

Today, Amazon told a different story, a positive one.  The company reported a profit of 45 cents a share vs. the analyst expectations of 18 cents a share.  At about 30 minutes before the market closed today, I sent out an message to my members that AMZN could see $340 after earnings:

Happy Trading Ecstatic Plays
AMZN could see $340 on positive earnings reaction
03:31 PM – January 29, 2015
• 7 hours ago • Premium content

After the market, AMZN shares vaulted up to $350!

Here’s what I saw in the charts:

AMZN shares were shooting higher in the afternoon, rising above its daily MAs.  There was a soft resistance at about $315, but none after that until about $340.  After the earnings report was released, the stock quickly jumped to about $340, and ended just below $350.

I think traders will lock in profits tomorrow morning.  But, it’s not hard to see a visit to $360 in the near-future.

(By the way, if you didn’t see my post on NFLX, it is now back up to the top end of its trading range.  CLICK HERE to see the article.)

Good night and HappyTrading! ™

Netflix (NFLX): Here We Go Again!

In October, NFLX took a huge drop after its earnings!  I wrote an article to show the big trading range that NFLX traded in and where it might be heading (Click here to see the article).

Today, after the market, NFLX jumped +16% on the report that the company added 4.3 million subscribers!  Let’s visit the chart again:


We can see in this chart that the low end of the trading range is about $320; and, the high end is about $460.  There’s a more detailed description in my post from October 2014

Let’s revisit what happened after Netflix’s earnings in October.  NFLX shares opened the day after earnings at around $330 and started to climb.  But, soon it met that resistance at $380 (mentioned in October’s post) and stalled.  Eventually, it came back down to test the low end of the trading range at $320.

This evening, NFLX zoomed higher to about $405, already above that $380 mark.  The next resistance is at about $420.  But, in the next few months, NFLX should come back up to test $450-$460, provided that the broader market stays healthy.

Good night and HappyTrading! ™